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Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
The Short History of Website Building [Infographic] - Designmodo
Web standards move fast. And you're too busy keeping with changes in your own industry to be trying to stay on top of what's changing in ours.

What we're seeing is that those who come to us for their website ...
Niagara Craft Tours
Looking to try something a bit different? Why not a tour of some the great Craft Breweries, Distilleries and Cideries in Niagara! Our friends at Niagara Craft Tours will provide you with a fantastic tour recommended by Niagara's top hotels ...
Facebook 3D photo: How to create, share, and view 3D photos
Facebook has a new feature, called 3D photo, which adds a layer of depth to photos in your news feed.

Here are a few things to consider when creating and sharing a 3D photo:

☑️ You'll get the best results ...
Marie Forleo
We're loving this real-world marketing advice from Seth Godin in his latest interview with Marie Forleo!

➡️ How does your business impact the lives of those you serve?

#MarketersMakeChangeHappen #WorkThatMatters #PeopleWhoCare
Do you struggle with your marketing? Not getting enough ...
Henry Ford once balked at paying $10,000 to General Electric for work done troubleshooting a generator, and asked for an itemized bill.

The engineer who performed the work, Charles Steinmetz, sent this:

"Making chalk mark on generator, $1.
Knowing where ...
Cory Cruise
Thank you Cory Cruise, this really captures the mood here this week. From the staff at DANIMA Creative Group, we offer our condolences to David Rotella and family on the passing of Dave Sr. He was a frequent visitor to ...
Social Media Examiner
Schedule a video natively to Twitter up to 10 minutes in length! 😲
Want to upload Twitter videos that are longer than 140 seconds? Here's a free and easy way to work around that limit! - Erik
DANIMA Creative Group ...
4 tips on how to succeed with Stories
As noted by TechCrunch‘s Josh Constine, “Advertisers must rethink their message not as a headline, body text, and link, but as a background, overlays, and a feeling that lingers even if viewers don’t click through.” via Fast Company
Are you ...
Neil Patel
Have you tried link building and found that no one will link to you no matter what you try?

We have all been there.

But don't worry, I am going to teach you how to build links when no one ...
This just changed my life.

“To move your cursor on the iPhone without your thumb covering the text, hold down the spacebar until the keyboard goes blank, then move your thumb and the cursor will move with it.”

Facebook Messenger is Reportedly Testing an Unsend Feature - Search Engine Journal
Instagram recently introduced an unsend feature this past summer, so it wouldn’t be unusual for Facebook Messenger to do the same.
Facebook has been spotted testing an unsend feature for Messenger, allowing users to delete messages after they have been ...
smh 🕷️🕸️
Weave found the arachnophobia website. #UnKNOWN_PUNster
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Manly Pinterest Tips
Looks like you can now claim your YouTube, Etsy, or Instagram account on Pinterest!

"If there are existing Pins that match your claimed Instagram, Youtube, or Etsy account, those Pins should be attributed to you within a few days. All ...
Naming Your Business: How to Brainstorm a Killer Business Name | Jessie Lewis
Not sure what to call your new business? This video by copywriter Jessie Lewis outlines the process to come up with a great name!
You guys, I won’t sugarcoat this: Finding the right business name is SO. HARD. Maybe it’s ...
Metlab Corporation
It's been a long time coming....but Metlab Corporation are now live with their new web site! #TeamDANIMA and the MetLab team of Daniel and Anthony have been adding store items, changing processes, updating features and finally we got it right!!


Work in a team based environment and independently
Ability to manage time, prioritize work
Work directly with clients to gather requirements, plan and build websites and web application systems
Organized with an ability to work under tight deadlines ...
Photos from DANIMA Creative Group's post
Congrats to Peter Van-Helsdingen on becoming the new owner of Calamus Estate Winery back in early September! Check out the new labels designed by DANIMA Creative Group!

#TeamDANIMA worked closely with Pete's team to come up with a fresh new ...
Social Media Examiner
BREAKING: In a surprise move, the founders of Instagram have resigned from Facebook. What could this mean for the future of the platform? - Mike
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If You Want More Lasting Creativity on Your Team, You Need to Rethink Your Approach
Creativity in the office should not just be a buzzword; it should be integrated into the philosophy of your workplace.
Here are three things you can do differently to transform your team with creativity.
Instagram rumored to be testing a hashtag selector tool, geo-fenced posts - Marketing Land
Although Instagram would not comment on possible features being tested, it did confirm it was not building a native sharing feature.
The company would not comment on possible features being tested but did confirm it was not building a native ...
Why big brands choose small agencies
One of the biggest advantages of being a small agency is having more hands-on time with clients, less red tape and the ability to be nimble.
Ad Age asks indie agencies at the Small Agency Conference and Awards why being ...
The Caddy rides again. Join our pal Sam Grosso as he puts the keys back in the ignition and starts up the Caddy one more time and takes it for another ride.
Dedicated Twitter User Hid 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Lyrics In Her Tweets Over The Course Of 3...
With social media, know your end goal and be patient
This joke took pure dedication.
DANIMA Creative Group is feeling amused.
How to Delete a Google My Business Listing – A Common Question with a Complex...
"Local business listings are a form of customer service, and when this element of your overall marketing plan is neglected, it can lead to significant loss of traffic and revenue. ... Verifying listings and managing duplicates isn’t glamorous work, but ...
We have a feeling this means something a little different to our fellow social media marketers!

#batching #contentmarketing #socialmediamarketing
#TeamDANIMA are excited to be working closely with Amy and her team over at Grimsby Power on the next iteration of their web site. It's been over 5 years since we last built their site and so much has changed ...
Newscape Contracting
We are happy to announce the launch of a new web site for a brand new local business, Newscape Contracting. The DANIMA Team worked with Greg and Andrea to develop their very first site! From commercial to residential work, Newscape ...
Our new web site is almost complete!
We will be building our site live, on-the-fly! Time for a change and we can't wait any longer...so, you can check-in from time to time and watch as we continue to build and ...
The 5-Hour Rule Used by Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk
Make this a habit, and you'll grow yourself, and your business, every day🌞
The most successful people on the planet are also the people likeliest to devote an hour a day to reading and learning.
Social Media Examiner
✨ BREAKING NEWS for Facebook Business Pages ✨
Facebook now wants to organically promote business pages to local audiences! To learn more, watch this video from the experts at Social Media Examiner
Facebook Rolls Out Redesign for Business Pages with ...
Social Media Tip:

When uploading photos from your phone, don’t use a platform that can cause the photos to compress (Facebook Messenger, texting, email, etc.).

Instead, use a platform that will maintain the resolution of your photos (Google Photos, Dropbox, ...
It's 2018. Either you're online, or you're a door stop.
Wonderful Engineering
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RT @willienile: Throwback Thursday All out of bubble gum and kicking ass! @LODCanada @NiagaraFalls @JoeD229, @tBobBNJ, @willienile @R_Roddy… 5 0
Pre-order the new @JoeGrushecky album "More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows" at https://t.co/DJ9F0idIRT #JoeGrushecky… https://t.co/C3YI5oauKS 1 1
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RT @TheBusinessLink: DANIMA Creative Group - serving it's clients for twenty years! @danimacreative #success #webdesignagency More here htt… 4 0
RT @PhotoLMP: Big thanks to book sponsor and pal, @danimadave and his team from @danimacreative for their support!! #musicmakers https://t.… 2 0
@PhotoLMP @danimadave thank you pal!! 0 1
@pocoband do you use this account? We'd really like the handle for our band 0 0
Love the brand new @RevelRealty web site designed and developed by #TeamDANIMA. Check it out!

0 0
@JoeGrushecky new song with @springsteen "That's What Makes Us Great" avaliable at https://t.co/eS3lz4iuyN.… https://t.co/ivoqm1X1Ww 1 0
19 years ago on a sunny day in April this thing we call DANIMA came to be! Check out our new blog at… https://t.co/m78QKZCQUf 0 1
@danimacreative is now closed for the day due to the road conditions. #drivesafe https://t.co/KbPdiyJFvq 0 0
Thanks to the folks at @TELUS @TELUSsupport for their help today with our business account! That's why we've been with you for 15 years 0 1
Are you doing your own Social Media? Do you do your own oil changes? Why would you? Contact us social@danima.com w… https://t.co/ClSjJN1qBy 0 0
@danimacreative are excited to be working with @RevelRealty here in Niagara on their new web site! Stay tuned... https://t.co/nPFp3stt29 0 0

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