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January 1, 2024
2024 IS HERE!

New Year. New Purpose. New Focus.

It's been a bumpy road for many since COVID. Many businesses closed, some thrived, many scraped by, some still are, and for some, the COVID effects happened post-lockdown.

COVID changed the business world, in some aspects, forever. Here at DANIMA we've had our challenges post-COVID and have had to develop a new business paradigm. In the words of Ross Geller, we had to pivot...PIVOT! That means change and for an old guy like me, that was tough. Slow. Painful. But necessary.

As we venture into 2024 there's a big ol' bright light shinin' on the horizon (I think I'll lend that line to Evan for a song). Time to get back to what made DANIMA successful in the early days. 25 years in this business has taught me a lot, and though none of us were prepared for a post-COVID world, Chumbawumba did teach us that when you "get knocked down" you "get up again". And that we did!

With new projects ready to start, a great client base, an awesome team, and a Robin-Sharma-like attitude, DANIMA is ready to take on 2024 and make our 26th year a great one.

Here's to a happy, healthy, successful 2024 for all.

-- DANIMA Dave

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