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Evan Rotella Music
Evan has been playing music live for nearly a decade already and has been writing songs for almost that long.

On September 28, 2023 Evan released his debut album with an all-star line-up entitled “Happy To Be Here” which is a collection of 10 original songs produced by Mark Rogers (LMT Connection) and Myles Rogers (Jin The Band).

Digital Media

DANIMA's social media team continues to manage Evan's Instagram and Facebook accounts. DANIMA provides branded templates to ensure the streams follow the current branding for Evan Rotella Music.

Web Development

DANIMA created the new Evan Rotella Music site that includes a photo gallery, video gallery, links to all of his social streams and streaming platforms, testimonials, gig listings and a merch store.

Print Design

For the past 3 years DANIMA has been creating all of Evan Rotella Music's merchandise. From t-shirts to posters, from buttons to logo design, DANIMA has create a new brand for Evan.

DANIMA also created the new album artwork, including the inner sleeves and all of the materials for the Album Release Party.


DANIMA utilized their MTB system to build custom store for Evan Rotella Music. Selling CDs, Vinyl, Posters, T-shirts and downloads.